December 15, 2020 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

My name is Juliet Vercelli. I am the daughter of Donald L Pierre.
We are here to say farewell to Donald and Loida Pierre. Thank you for your support and for being here today.

Donald Pierre was born August 31, 1935, in Beaumont, Texas, to
Wacey B. Pier and Pearl Guerin Pier. There were six siblings altogether.
He had three brothers and two sisters, and he was pretty much the middle child.

His sister Emma Jean and his brother Leonard were younger. As many middle children do, they excel in their studies and work hard. By the time they are born, they are pretty much the ones who get the least attention.

He graduated as valedictorian from Charles Pollard High School. During his high school years, he was a football captain. From 1956 through 1961, Donald served in the U.S. Marines Corps, working his way up to Sergeant at arms. He met his first wife, Ciony, in the Philippines and had his first child, myself, in 1958. When Donald returned to the U.S., he was stationed in Hawaii and then settled in California. In 1962, his second child Gregory was born.

For many years, Donald worked for City Hall in the Los Angeles County Road Department as an accounting supervisor. In 1991, Donald married his longtime partner and second wife, Loida Corcino. Succeeding in his career, he retired in 1993 at the age of 58.

Among many things related to his aptitude for numbers, he was a tax preparer and a real estate appraiser. He had a green thumb and liked gardening. One of my favorite memories is a small garden we planted when I was a toddler.

He was a whiz at checkers and passed a few tricks to me. My children relished playing either a game of checkers or chess with Papa Donald. Most grandparents gave toys, games, and nonsuch. Papa Donald was most likely to gift an algebra book. He was an avid fan of football and boxing.

His favorite foods included blackeye peas, greens, and fried chicken. He relished Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Rather than buy something new, Donald was the ultimate DIY person. He would repair broken things or do it himself to save money. He and Loida even placed the beautiful flooring in their apartment.

Don was a simple man. He didn’t shop a lot, but when he bought something, it was of good quality. He liked to save things. It is easy to see many souvenirs accumulated in his home for over 60 years.

I never really saw my dad laugh that much. I remember a stern father.
He did love his children quietly. Sometimes you only get to know your folks when you get a little older. We took two trips to Texas together, which included Donald and Loida. One was about 2002 so that my children would be able to see the family’s Pierre side. We ate crawfish, alligator, frog legs, and lots of Tabasco sauce. The other was to celebrate our grandmother Pearl’s 100th birthday.

I wish I could elaborate more, for example, when Donald’s three brothers were still living. They saw each other all the time. Sadly where they lived to their 60’s, daddy outlived them by 25 years. ‘

Lastly, I am my father’s only daughter. What we could not say sometimes, there was a quiet understanding. Some things he had regrets, and I was lucky enough to talk about them. My last moments with daddy were when his eyes were open in hospice. He smiled the best he could.

I made him laugh with a childhood game we used to enjoy. I knew he finished his time on earth. He was already gone. I could see his spirit slipping in and out of the fleshly veil. It was just daddy saying goodbye.

I was searching for something to say. Then it dawned on me; daddy is with his brothers. So I told him, “Daddy, say hi to your brothers for me. Tell Uncle Junior, Uncle James, and Uncle Leonard.” He smiled.

Thank you for taking time from your busy days today. We celebrate the passage for not only my father but Loida as well. She was a comfort to my dad. May they enjoy their time in their eternal state. ~Juliet

Dedication from Michelle Pierre -Eldest Daughter of Wacey Joseph Pierre, JR.

~  The Eyes Are the Spirit Into One’s Soul.   Uncle Donald was a very sensitive Spirit with deeply “Soulful Eyes”…….The same eyes as His Mother – which (at times – carried “the weight of the world”).~  To me….His eyes – always “spoke for Him”~  In “good times” – His eyes were “lifted, happy, joyful & serene’ – giving into his naturally, easy. understated soft-spoken tone of voice & manner…..All of which lent itself to a level of comfort & safety. When Uncle Donald looked at me  — – & asked ..”How are you” doing?…I felt  that he truly & sincerely cared…& wanted to know…..if I was alright & if  all was okay.
Uncle Donald had  a “gentle laughter” – not at all loud, boisterous, & overbearing……but “quiet, understated,& subdued…..just re-assuring enough to know….that he shared a “good smiling moment” with you!
Over time and years ~ Families tend to “lose touch” with one another……and ours was no exception. However, when my Mother (Donald’s Sister-in-law thru His  Brother Junior) lost her own oldest Brother..(Uncle Donald) sent my Mother a “touching Tribute” not only expressing sympathy….but also saying – Your Brother was truly a “pioneering trailblazer and class act”.
 This especially touched me….because ~ throughout all of life’s trials, tribulations, setbacks & severe wounding challenges ~ The basic soulful caring, decency, gentleness & kindness of the Human Spirit -(that we ‘ve all learned)—- & which always prevails…… what he showed. Let Us all at One Moment….Be Heard ~ in Prayer, Silence & Meditation…..To Be – Kind, Prayerful, Listen & Learn from One Another.
May Uncle Donald Louis Pierre eternally “Rest In Peace” ~ and  Blessedly join all of Our Heavenly Faithful Family Souls that have departed Before Him…….May the Choir of Heavenly Angels Sing Him Softly to Thy Eternal Rest.  Amen.

To Julie & Greg ~ God’s Love, Peace Blessings,& Eternal Light be with You…. Always 
From Michele Pierre-White….On Behalf of the Family of “Wacey Pierre Jr. – “Uncle Junior” ~ Aunt Shirley, Michele Shawn. 

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